These are assessments leading to self-awareness in aspects crucial to their career decision-making like interests, personality, aptitude, etc.

  • The Grade 7 students can take the Learning Style Inventory that helps to identify students’ unique learning styles based on an analysis of their personal preferences in 16 different areas.
  • Grade 8 can take Career Cluster Finder which is an interest test and helps students discover various career industries and help them learn what career clusters may be a good match for them based on activities that interest them, personal qualities that they have, and subjects that they enjoy studying in school.
  • Grade 9 students can take the MI Advantage test which is based on Multiple Intelligence theory to reveal students’ individual intelligence strengths and challenges, such as bodily-kinesthetic, musical, or interpersonal intelligence. At the end of each assessment, a personally tailored report identifies each student’s unique learning style and provides guidance on how to maximize learning potential.
  • Grade 10 students can take up the Personality test Do What You Are which helps students learn about themselves and identify promising careers and college majors that match their personality. They also take the Differential Aptitude Test which is an aptitude test helping students discover their natural abilities for specific areas. All these tests eventually help a student to make a good, informed career decision.
    • These tests can be taken or retaken in G11 and 12 as well.