We offer a wide range of skill-building and career exploration workshops that are designed to cater to the holistic development of students and to help them streamline the actions towards their career goals. 

Here we share with you the brief of workshops that we conduct:

Resume Building: The workshop comprises the details of Resume, its importance, how to build a strong resume that has an edge over the other applicants, activities to enroll in that can add to your skills and work experience.

Ivy Kids: This workshop shares a range of career immersive activities that students do and gauge their interests for different career domains like architecture, scientist, coding, engineering, doctor, business management, pilot, etc. based on their chosen interests. Doing these career-specific activities help them engage in career-related knowledge and students become more aware of the skill set required to excel in these fields and gain knowledge on these before deciding on their long-term career goal.

Career Orientated Program:

  • A series of workshops on long term career goals using world-acclaimed career guidance sources (Range, Outliers, So Good That They Can’t Ignore You, Ikigai, and others)
  • Workshops that focus on the skill development of students, devising their career mission and guidance during the workshop on practices to adapt for achieving their career mission.
  • The workshop is designed considering all students who have identified or not identified their passion and also a brainstorming session for them to gauge the challenges and scope of the careers they may be interested in.
  • Helping students meet their college/career goals by setting smart goals and scheduling their time

College Essay Writing Workshop: This session focuses on sharing important tips to write a college essay and personal statements which depicts the student personality that helps meet the prerequisites of a university application. The workshop shall include information on analysing the prompts, determining essay goals, understanding the admission office’s psychology, building vocabulary and organizing your writing succinctly, and ensuring to use statements that showcase you instead of just telling all you