We recommend students also explore experiential learning, which includes internships, summer school, online courses, and other volunteering opportunities. Since our school follows a research-based methodology of teaching, gaining experience in a field of interest will not only help students build the skills they will need in the future, it will also allow them to meet professionals working in the same field and learn from their experience. Let’s have a look at it one by one.

Summer School:

A summer school provides a focused academic environment with smaller classes and fewer learning hours. Some students discover more about the subject they are already passionate about; while others may find a completely new interest. Summer schools also help students for a smooth transition from high school to university education.

These Specialized programs provide students a holistic idea about the subjects, career paths, and job opportunities within the field and will also be considered for the academic honors section while applying to universities as well as it boosts students’ confidence and makes them better prepared for their dream career. We have also helped students to find out about the virtual summer school program in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and related uncertainties. 


Internships are a great way to engage students in a real work environment and help them learn about the roles and responsibilities of different career professions. They also help in bridging the gap between theoretical learning at school and its real-life application. During the course of the internship, students acquire skills and improve their interpersonal skills as they get to interact with professionals of different age groups and domains. Internship experiences are also a valuable addition to a student’s profile giving them an edge in their university application.

There are a lot of opportunities available to students and therefore a lot many areas of interest and possible career options that students may choose to pursue. To help students explore these career options and learn skills, we facilitate internships/job shadowing programs wherein they can get hands-on experience of the real work environment which in turn helps them to understand their genuine interest in that field. 

Overall. internships/job shadowing opportunities are a great way to analyze your likes and dislikes towards different career domains and save you from making an uninformed career decision.

Online Courses:

Nowadays in this fast-paced world, everyone is looking to equip themselves with more skills and in no time. To match up with students’ busy schedules and provide them with the skills that they need, online courses are the most viable option. So we counselors recommend students’ online courses through various online platforms which help students to get detailed knowledge on the subject of their interest within the short and flexible timings.

Curated Newsletter:

We curate detailed information regarding the following activities regularly and the information is shared with students through our weekly newsletter.

  • Competitive exams, entrance exams, and admission notifications 
  • College Fairs
  • Online courses
  • Scholarships
  • Workshops
  • Upcoming webinars and pre-recorded sessions

Expert Panel / Guest Speaker Sessions:

During Expert panel sessions students are exposed to various career fields by a panel of experts ex: Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Psychology, Finance, Information Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, etc. The session helps students get detailed information & knowledge about respective careers by the sharing & exposure of experts during the interaction. They also get their queries addressed towards the end of the session. Students normally attend the sessions on the basis of the career choice they are interested in or the career field for which they would like to collect more information for. It is also taken care of that we invite the right experts from a variety of career fields having good knowledge and experience towards their respective career fields. Their profile is screened and only after understanding the fact that they will be able to communicate, interact & guide students properly they are invited to the session. The sharing from the experts could be related to their overall journey,  previous and current work experiences, challenges, details of courses and Colleges they attended, etc. 

Community Service:

Community Service is unpaid voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area. It requires potential and dedication to get out of your comfort zone and do something for the needy and the society. Community service can also have a very good impact if it is mentioned in the profile as it reflects many skills in students like leadership, discipline, communication, interpersonal skills, etc.

It goes without saying that community service is also a critical component of a successful college application. It gives them the chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and implement it in the real world. This helps students better understand their own competence, leading to more self-confidence and a can-do attitude that can spread to their work and academic pursuits. Keeping all these benefits in mind,  we recommend students volunteer for community service. 

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Like other activities that are a part of a student profile, Sports activities and participation in sports events and tournaments also create a long-lasting impression. It reflects many transferable skills of the students like self-motivation, confidence, commitment, discipline, goal-oriented, coachable, etc. It might also reflect the competitiveness of the student as well as the mental strength which is an important quality required in sports looking at the competition level. The sports activities the student is involved in should give clear & firm ideas of the sports the student is interested in. Students can mention the rigorous practice the student was involved in, sports camps as well as the Sports events & tournaments the student participated in. Rewards & recognitions related to sports will even add value to the resume. Students can also interact with coaches and experts related to the sport to gain more knowledge and technical expertise towards the preferred sport.